Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Really Big Apple Pie

My roommate Devin requested an apple pie for his going-away dinner (which he's had about 10 of in the past week). I've tried several different styles of apple pie, but I've generally settled on lattice/crumb top pie as my go to.

General technique:

- Crust - Standard crust with lattice top
- Apples - I generally prefer honeycrisp apples, sliced flat (not wedge)
- Filling - There are countless methods for prepping apple pie filling. apples collapse while cooking and various oven temperatures/cooking times affect the finished pie. i do all my baking in a rental apartment stove, so i find using a filling of sliced apples, applesauce and some spice is more forgiving and you get a consistent quality pie.
- top with a mash of flour and butter

The first pie I ever made was an apple pie that Devin, Sebastian and I ate in one sitting. It was unholy and delicious. This pie wasn't quite as good, I sorta over did it shoving apples into this thing, and it all came out looking pretty ugly. But there was nothing wrong with it that a scoop of ice cream couldn't cure.

Cons-It was ugly

Pros-It was delicious

(in this picture you can see devin's blood pressure meds next to the pie, awesome )

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