Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thin Ice-Cream Mint Pie

I wanted to make a pie crust out of thin mint cookies (cause why not right?), so i made this creature in honor of St Patricks day, sorta a mint/cream/ice cream/girl scout cookie pie.

Actually, that's exactly what it is. I put oreo ice-cream (i had intended to use vanilla and add mint extra, but i apparently blacked out while at the grocery store and grabbed the wrong stuff) on top of a thin-mint girl scout cookie crust and topped with chocolate fudge topping and cool-whip dyed green mixed with above mentioned mind extract. (I had intended to whip up real cream, but Ben had used up all our cream by dipping oreos in it. apparently he prefers heavy cream to milk. ya)

Pros - Thin Mints make killer pie crust.

Cons - The fudge topping was melted chocolate, butter and brown sugar. It got ROCK SOLID in the freezer and was pretty much inedible. I also (1) didn't wait long enough for it to cool so it melted the ice-cream as i spread it, impatientence is a common theme, and (2) didn't spread it evenly so the weight pushed the half melted ice cream, see item (1), around the pie so there were pockets of pure fudge and pockets of pure ice cream.

additional pros - it was fucking delicious.

additional cons - i chipped all my teeth

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